Counting Down Jazzy


Counting Down Jazzy is a children’s book of counting backwards. The story is about a floppy eared, lovable, brown and white dog, who sneaks cupcakes, hot-dogs, flowers, and other items in a rhyming countdown to one. Each page is beautifully photographed to capture Jazzy in many funny situations. Teachers can use this book to teach counting to ten, recognizing digits and number words from one to ten, counting backwards, and subtraction. Activity ideas can be found on the lower right of the page.

ABC Jazzy

ABC Jazzy is a soft-cover children’s alphabet book, crafted from beautiful photographs and creative writing. Jazzy, a floppy eared, lovable, brown and white dog, plays hide and seek with the letters. Each photo corresponds to the object where the letter is found. For example: A is found in a barrel of apples, K is found with a kite, etc. Teachers can use this book to teach the alphabet but also to teach prepositions. Activity ideas can be found on the lower right of the page.

Growing Up Jazzy

Growing Up Jazzy is a children’s book about Jazzy’s first year. We go through each month and see how she grows. Beautiful photos and sing song text tell her exciting story. Great for teaching months of the year.

Jazzy has two doggie "friends" that will appear in the Red Jazzyhood book.  Zoe is a sweet girl who lives next door.  She is portraying the part of the grandma.  

Evie is below. She is portraying the wolf.  This is the scene where the wolf shoves grandma into the closet.  (Zoe has never been stuffed in a closet so don't worry.) 

Little Red Jazzyhood

It's almost done, my new book.  It's a spoof from Little Red Riding Hood. The story depicts a dog named Wolf as a bully who tries to steel the bone from Grandma and Jazzy.  Wolf is surprised at the kindness and forgiveness shown to her and changes her ways.

It is written in stanzas as below.

A dog named wolf glared as Jazzy walked by.
An evil thought twirled in her malevolent eye.
Wolf quickly took flight into the woods ahead,
And waited for Jazzy to walk by the bend.

This is Evie. She plays Wolf in the Story.

This is Jazzy, she is obviously, Jazzyhood.

This is Zoey, or Grandma. 

Little Red Jazzyhood

It's always a lesson in planning and patience when trying to get a dog to do certain things. 

I am working on my new book, "Little Red Jazzyhood", a parody of Little Red Riding Hood, but in which the wolf is just a dog named Wolf. Wolf is a bully and in the end goodness will win out. 

Here are some photos from the creating of the book.

Evie in the woods, looking at everything but the camera.

Grandma had to be coerced into staying in the bed. Treats were plenty for this shot.
It doesn't help the shot when the photographer (me) breaks the prop.

I wanted Evie to jump towards the chest. After several tries, and moving the treats around, we did it. 

My wonderful neighbor let me use her porch for the last scene of the book.  Here are the pups taking a break with my neighbor's daughters. 

Jazzy doesn't like holding anything in her mouth except sticks.  The bone was no exception. All she wanted to do was drop it and eat it. 

Same as above. I was trying to get a picture of her walking with the bone.  Eventually, patience and persistence paid off.  You'll have to get the book when it's out to see the final version.

The letters P, Q, T & U