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How do you get your dog to do that?

People have asked me, "How do you get her to do that?" and my answer is always the same. Jazzy is motivated by food.  It can be the smallest morsel and she'll do almost anything to eat it. (Unless it's rain, she loves to drink from the hose and doesn't mind getting wet that way, but rain and puddles are off limits. )

And let's not forget patience.  Sometimes it takes many repetitions to get the image that I want.  I have to make sure that I don't get irritated with Jazzy when she jumps the gun or goes another direction than I want her to, and I have to know when she is done and try another day.

I've been working with Jazzy a long time and I know her quirks. I know how long I can keep her in a sit-stay before I have to give in and hand over the treat.  She has learned that a photo session earns her many treats.

We often play "Go find it" in the house. I make Jazzy sit-stay and I hide treats in another room. When I tell her to go, she spends a few minutes looking for them.  This comes in handy now that I want her to sit-stay so I can get in position with my camera.

I wanted her to be interacting with the key in the lock.  I placed the treat on top of the lock which then earns me the, "Really mom, you put it there? That's so easy!" look.
"Really mom, you put it there? That's so easy!" 

 I tell her to "Go find it!" and off she goes.  I have to alter her approach because she's jumping too soon, so I have her sit-stay a little further away from the door.  This makes her walk and she's not as "jumpy".

I noticed she was jumping too soon.

Having her start further away causes her to not jump so quickly or so high.

After watching her body motions I play around with angles.
My original concept was be behind her while she looked at the lock. 
As you can see, it isn't quite showing her interacting with the key, so I changed my perspective. 

She is really looking at the treat, but it does seem like she's focused on the key.  I'm closer.

This is more the angle I want, now it's all about timing my shot.  The photos are purposefully darker than my normal shots as it's supposed to be 3:00 am in this photo. 

I finally got the shot I want.... Wanna see it?  Well, then you'll have to buy a book when it comes out.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  



Today was a productive day.  I was able to finish four pages for the Jazzy time book.

Here are some of the "reject" photos.

"You want me to do what to the butterflies?"

"Hurry up, I wanna try it!"

"I hate waiting."

"Darn, nothing on the bottom." 


Even in sleep, Jazzy is posing for a book. I am still working on Little Red Jazzyhood, but I have to wait for "Granny" and "Wolf" to be available to take another shot. Meanwhile, I am working on my "Jazzy Time" book.

At five o'clock Jazzy takes a nap.
I had a conversation with a former co worker about site words and realized that "site words" could be another Jazzy book. Jazzy Reads, (Thank you Jennifer for the site words idea.) This will be full of fun photos with site words. I might make this an online gallery so it will be mobile.
Add caption
Jazzy Loves Shapes. (Title not set in stone) Thank you Sam Cervantes for the shapes idea.  I will be sewing shapes (or buying them if I can find them)  for Jazzy to show off, but then she can't help herself and she pulls out all the stuffing.  Something like this. 

Jazzy loves her pink sphere. 

Oh no! 
Until next time.  :)

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