Where are the books made?

The books are printed by:

PCA, an RRD Company

15 West Aylesbury Road

Timonium, MD 21093

I am the publisher, editor, photographer and writer of Jazzy's books.  Each book is designed with the young reader in mind.  I illustrate using photos. After writing the words and adding the photos, I format each page as an 8 x 10 .jpeg picture with text and images set exactly where I want them. 


I don't have big printers in my house so I have to get someone else to help with the printing.  I send the pictures to the production planner at PCA via Dropbox.  The images are then converted  from sRGB color space to CYMK.  A mock up is made and sent to me as a .pdf to ensure all the pages are in the correct order.  After approval, they are printed on this huge digital printer. The covers are printed separately on thicker stock paper.   

After printing, the books are taken to the binding machine where the covers are added and the edges are "glued" together.  The books are then trimmed and ready to go to wonderful readers. 

If you would like to discuss print solutions for your book, call Michael North.

He can answer any questions that you have. 

Michael M North | Senior Account Executive | PCA, An RRD Company

15 West Aylesbury Road | Timonium, MD 21093

direct: 410.453.0633 | cell: 443.928.0033 | email: michael.north@printpca.com

www.printpca.com | www.rrdonnelley.com

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