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Blue Balls Blow Away

Jazzy might be going illustrated! I've just written a short story that would be impossible for me to photograph. Well, not impossible, but improbable as it takes place in the country, on a farm, where there might be mountain lions. It would be a change of pace for me to do something like this.

In the mean time, I am working on Jazzy Colors. Dale, Jazzy and I drove down to Fort Boykin beach to get the photo for "blue" but found out it's not open until 8:30 am. We went back a little later. When I opened the bag to get the beach balls, they went flying away. We managed to get some fun pictures but lost 10 balls due to the wind and/or Jazzy puncturing the balls. Ha ha ha ha. She had fun chasing them around in the waves though.

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Love the pictures of Jazzy

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