Jazzy and Friends

Jazzy and Friends


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Jazzy and her friend Rain go to the park to play. New dogs come into the park, but Rain tells Jazzy she can't play with them for one silly reason or another (no tail, sharp ears etc.). Jazzy and Rain soon learn that you cannot judge another dog by the way it looks.


This book was written to raise money for two animal rescues.  Since Jazzy's mommy was saved by Critters4U rescue they get a portion of the proceeds.  The Isle of Wight Humane Society, based in Smithfield, VA where Jazzy now lives, also gets a portion of the proceeds. 


8x8 inches Paperback-32 pages / Reading level: grades 1-3 / Interest level: ages 3 to adult

ISBN 978-1-7333663-1-1