Jazzy Explores Murfreesboro, NC (see ordering info)

Jazzy Explores Murfreesboro, NC (see ordering info)



Jazzy Explores Murfreesboro, North Carolina is a children's history book about the town.  It was created as a collaborative effort between Sonja and the Town of Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc.  Copies of the book are available through the Historical Associaion. 

  • Ordering Information

    Books may be ordered by calling the

    The Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc.

    Telephone number 1-252-398-5922

    P. O. Box 3

    Murfreesboro, North Carolina  27855

    Payment by  credit card or check

    Cost:  $15 plus tax of $1.05 = $16.05 plus shipping


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