Little Red Jazzyhood

Little Red Jazzyhood


It’s Little Red Ridinghood with a twist. Jazzy is given the task to taking a bone to Granny's house. On the way, Jazzy has to ignore Wolf's bullying. Wolf beats Jazzy to Granny's house, shoves Granny in the closet, imitates her and tries to get Jazzy and the bone. After hitting her head, Wolf reveals that she feels alone and that nobody likes her. Granny tells Wolf how to make friends. Wolf is not very good at it so Granny suggest a silly game of making faces.  Wolf and Jazzy make funny faces and end up laughing. It’s the start of a new friendship.

8x10 Paperback-28 pages / Reading level grades 2-3 / Interest level ages 3 to adult

ISBN: 978-0-9600125-4-1


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