Princess Jazzy (PRE ORDER)

Princess Jazzy (PRE ORDER)




Princess Jazzy will go on sale on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles as soon as the revisions have been made.  You can order a signed copy straight from me, Sonja, right here.  (But I cannot say when you'll get it.  My publisher, IngramSpark, is swamped with requests.)   Pick Princess Jazzy Free Shipping on Checkout.


As soon as I get the okay that the book is good to go, I will order your book, sign it and mail it to you.


Book Description 


Princess Jazzy is a journey of self-discovery. Jazzy believes she is a real princess but her friends don't believe her. She gets a tiara for her birthday and thinks it will prove to her friends that she is a real princess.


Her friends laugh at her and tell her that she is just a dog. Jazzy sets out to prove she is a princess. At the library, she finds pictures and books about princesses. She tries dressing like one but that doesn't work. Then she reads fairy tales and does all the tests that she finds in them including kissing a frog. Just when she is about to give up, her friend Tilly, the cat, helps her out.