Self-Publishing - A guide for the independent Author

Self-Publishing - A guide for the independent Author


This is an outline of all the things I have learned in my book writing journey.  I might have saved two years of doing things the wrong way had I known much of this.  A common saying is that “writing the book” is the easy part. 

It’s not easy writing a book. It takes many hours of writing, editing, collaborating, proofing, and often, starting over. I wrote this as a guide. You can do whatever you want as an independent author.

I’ve also heard that if you want to get rich, find another job.  Writing is hard work.  It takes a lot of time to get your foot in the door. Some people get lucky and are in the right place at the right time, but for the rest of us, it is a journey of years.

This outline is not:

    • It is not a marketing scheme to sell my books.
    • It is not an endorsement. All mentioned companies, people and places in this outline are mentioned for the purpose of instruction. I have experience with some items but others are things I learned about too late to apply them to my previous endeavors.
    • This is not instruction on how to get a traditional publisher. 
    • This is not a manual on the craft of writing.


Use this as a map to guide you on your own journey.  Let me know if you found it helpful and how it helped you.  You can also let me know if it was not helpful at all and what you think I could do to make it better.  (We all need reviews, yes?)