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Jazzy's Guide Paperback cover  full spread version 3.jpg

Ideas for summertime activities! 

Take the Summertime Challenge and get prizes.
Children who complete all the activities in Jazzy's Guide to Summertime Fun, will win one of the stuffed animals from Jazzy's new book, Counting with Jazzy. 

Coming Soon

Cover Count With Jazzy 2.jpg
Cover Jazzy Time v2.jpg

What does a dog do in a day?

Little Red Jazzyhood.jpg

Same story with a twist.

Words With Jazzy 8x10 Cover.jpg

Favorite words with pictures.

Review from The Old Schoolhouse® Product & Curriculum Reviews

"Jazzy's Books appeal to emerging readers who are dog lovers. The text is simple, the font is large and clear, and the pictures are numerous. The books show that Jazzy is well-loved, and the author enjoys documenting their lives together."  (Read More)

Growing Up Jazzy revised.jpg

The very first Jazzy book about a dog's first year.

Jazzy Explores the Library revised .jpg

Are there bones in the library? 

Cover Jazzy Sticks front only.jpg
fixed cover Jazzy's Whole World.jpg

Sing with a traditional melody.

Cover Jazzy's Trio No. 1.jpg

Save money. Buy three books in one.
Growing Up, Counting Down, & Jazzy Colors 

Cover ABC Jazzy-.jpg

Find the letters with Jazzy.

Hide and Seek cover.jpg

Hardback version of ABC Jazzy

Jazzy and friends prose cover.jpg

Making new friends without judging them first.

Coloring Fun! 

cover  .jpg

It's okay to feel like a princess even if you aren't one.

9781733366366-ColorCase Jazzy's 12 by Sonja McG New.jpg
cover image.jpg

The traditional song but from a dog's point of view. 

Based on a song written by the author. A cute rhyming bit of ghoulish fun.  

Jazzy Explores Murf cover General Store.jpg

This book describes the history of the local buildings and culture.
It is available only from the Historical Association. 

Jazzy Explores Smithfield cover1.jpg

Available directly from Sonja.  Please email her if you are interested in purchasing this book. 

Self Publishing Guide Free Download

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Join the fan club!

Free coloring pages every month!

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Thank you! 

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