In my younger days, and I believe I am old enough to say that now, we trudged to school in inches of snow. We threw snowballs at other school busses that slogged by. Narry a snow day went by when we didn't return to our houses soaked from making snow angels or dodging snow bombs from the other kids.

That was the 1970's in Pennsylvania. I am now in Smithfield, Virginia and snow is viewed differently. With the winding back roads and insufficient crews to clear streets, I understand calling a snow day before the snow hits. I even view it differently, it's cold, it's wet, I am extra careful so I won't fall. Old bones do not good snow angels make.

But for dogs, I don't think their opinion will ever change. Jazzy loves the snow.

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If you managed to purchase a Jazzy Colors recently from Amazon, you have just purchased a soon-to-be, or someday-to-be, limited copy with a print error. Grrr... No matter how much you can look at things, sometimes you can't see the snake that's lying on the page.

Until it bites you. Like after you order a few copies and find it. No use blaming Amazon. It was all my doing.

I should learn from this. It was late at night, I was tired of fiddling with it to get the settings just right and I wanted it done.

If you paint a bench you have to wait for the paint to dry. So it is with publishing. If you write a book, if you make changes, then give the manuscript a day to dry so you can look at it again without getting paint on your fingers.

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It only took me four years to figure out how to do this author thing properly. I've a new handle on how to present my books in hardback form.

Last year I released three new books as hardbacks. It was scary for me because I gave up my control over printing to IngramSpark. But with that, I also don't have the hassle of sales-tax, warehouse fees, or postage. I can order my own copies at cost plus shipping and I can drop ship as many books as I want to any location I want.

IngramSpark is not without its foibles, but to me, it's so worth the hassle-free model of distribution.

So I start the new year with new ideas for old books. It will be fun. Here is a look at two cover designs that I've changed.

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