Updated: Jun 11

This month’s contest will be a drawing contest. The prompt will be “Hero” Children, ages 3 - 12, should draw an animal, any animal, as a hero. I drew Jazzy above using my computer but you can do it freehand.

But, I won’t let you get away with just the picture; you must name your hero too. Jazzy is now “Wonder Bone Jazzy!” The keeper of all bones and sticks.

Names of all entrants will be placed in a cup and one winner will be chosen. The winner will receive a brand new art set. (A $23.00 value)

You can use any medium you wish. You can use computer-generated drawings as well.

Have someone take a picture with their phone or save it as a jpeg and email it to me at smcgphoto@gmail.com I'll add it to this blog.

1. One entry per drawing. (if you can't upload it then email it to me. and I will for you.)

2. An additional entry if you subscribe to my site (or your parent does for you.)

3. An additional entry if you get a friend to subscribe.

4. An additional entry if you share your picture from my blog post.

The contest ends on July 1st. (since I'll be traveling) On July 2nd I will choose a winner.

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Updated: May 13

The bears are coming out of hibernation. This one has been hiding in the closet. If I take it out, Jazzy will rip out all his stuffing. He needs to find a new home. Write a story that has a bear in it and he could be yours. For ages 2 through 12. (If you can't write, ask someone else to help you.)

Write the story in the comments below or email it to smcgphoto@gmail.com

The winner's name will be drawn from all the entries on Friday, May 28th, 2021 at 4:00 on Facebook live.

Our first entry for May is from Connor.

Elizabeth Clemens4:59 PM (3 hours ago) to me The Teddy Hunt By Connor, age 10 Once upon a time, dog pirate's came off their pirate ships after stealing the teddy bear from other pirate's. They were on a beach, so they made a treasure map and hid it. Then they went to their secret spot and dug up a treasure chest with a teddy bear in the treasure chest. About 200 years later, there was a dog named Jazzy and she was on a walk with her owner named Josh. They were walking at a new spot of the beach that time, and Jazzy wasn't on a leash so she sniffed something unusual. She followed the scent until she found it. She started digging at it, and it was a map! Josh went to Jazzy and said, "What do you got there?" He looked at it and he said, "It's a treasure map!" Then they went, following the map, until Josh stepped on something kind of hard. Jazzy started digging at it and she saw this wooden thing. Josh had a shovel, so he started digging and digging, and he said, "It looks like a treasure chest!" And he and Jazzy dug and dug until they got it out. Josh opened it up and saw a big teddy bear, and there was gold inside. So Jazzy went straight to the teddy bear, grabbed it, and started licking it. Josh yelled, "Hurray! Gold!" The End

The second entry for May is from Isaac Wolf Ziemba age 10

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Updated: Apr 17

Write a story that goes with the picture. All entries will be put into a drawing. The winner gets the snake! This rubber snake was used for the August picture in Jazzy Colors.


You must be between the ages of 2 and 12 to enter. (If you cannot write yet, get someone else to write your story as you say it.)

Please use the comments section below to share your story. These are viewable by all visiting the site so be creative but be nice. You can also email your submission to me and I’ll post it for you below. smcgphoto@gmail.com

The contest runs from April 1st to April 27th. All entries will have their name put into a bowl. I will choose one winner from the bowl on Facebook Live.

The snake will be mailed to the lucky winner.

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