I love the fall. I love decorating for Halloween. While not a fan of slasher movies, I love little goblins, ghosts, witches, and warlocks.

For a child, Halloween can be scary. That's one of the reasons I wrote Jazzy's Halloween. It is a great way to introduce scary-looking characters in a fun way. Not only that, the text is based on a song I wrote. You can read (lyrics below) and sing along with the soundtrack I made.

So, if you purchase, or have purchased, Jazzy's Halloween, send me a note and I'll email you the book as a coloring book. Below the music are two sample pages.

Jazzy's Halloween - A Night in Ghouling Brook is on sale https://www.amazon.com/Jazzys-Halloween-Night-Ghouling-Brook/dp/1733366377

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To celebrate writing and storytelling, I've decided to launch a Jazzy's Journal project. A while back, Flat Stanley was the rage. The idea was simple but so wonderful. Copying that idea, here is what Jazzy's Journal is all about. (I know, Flat Jazzy would be better, but I don't want any copyright issues.)

Cut out the Jazzy picture below.

Put the cutout of Jazzy in a picture, either one you draw, or take a picture of her with your phone or your caregiver's phone. Please do not use copyrighted images, only use your own.

Write a short story, as long as you want it to be, but here some guidelines.(But all stories with illustrations will be accepted.)

In kindergarten and younger: one or two sentences on 1/2 page.

First grade: write at least two to four sentences on a full page.

Second grade: fill two pages and write at least two paragraphs.

Third grade: fill three pages and write at least four paragraphs.

Higher grades can do it too. Entries should be at grade level

Email me, smcgphoto@gmail.com with the completed story and picture. Name and age of the author and where you are from.

When I collect 26 pages of stories, I will publish the collection on Amazon. Yes, you will be a published author in a Jazzy's Journal anthology. You will be listed as a contributor and your name will be in the table of contents and on your story's title page.

You can print one size Jazzy or have different sizes.

Jazzy picture One Jazzy
Download PDF • 126KB

Jazzy picture different sizes Jazzy
Download PDF • 644KB

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