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 My goal is to spread the love of reading and to inspire children to read and to think creatively.  

I love to visit with my Jazzy's Books fans.  I enjoy presenting activities which promote creative thinking. For me, the world of writing and publishing is so new, the children get caught up in my excitement. 

My presentations are tailored to three distinct age groups:  K-1, 2-3 & 4-5. I present to small groups of up to 30 children.  I will work within your schedule to make this possible.


Grades K-1 Creative Writing:  

The children and I then rewrite one of my stories.  It's very interactive.

Grades 2-3 The writing process: From thought to completion.

After a brief intro on how I came to write children’s stories, why I chose certain images, how I developed the ideas, etc. 

Grades 4-5 Metamorphosis: 

In this presentation I show my transition from sports photographer to author.  My passion for photography and love of my dog Jazzy inspired my first book.  So I wrote a book now what?  The rest of the presentation discusses my journey though the publishing world, what I learned, what options are available.  What successes and failures have I had on the journey and how important goal setting is to achieving success.

Grades 4-5 Photo Journalism

I would be happy to talk to the photo enthusiasts at your school about photography. 

Visits within the 757 area code: $200.00

Preschool with one or two classes in 757 area code: $50.00

Virginia visits outside the 757 area: $200.00 plus hotel (if needed) and travel. 

Out of state visits: We can figure it out depending on travel and lodging needs. 


Since my goal is to spread the love of reading, I can waive my fee (we will still need to work out travel and lodging if needed) with these two conditions.

1. The school purchases a complete set of my books at a discount price.                                       

2. The school sends my information flyer home to parents. I provide the flyer, but the school will need to make copies.  

Books sales can also be arranged. 

Please call me if you have any special needs or requests.

Please fill in the form below or call me.  I can't wait to meet you.