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 My goal is to spread the love of reading and to inspire children to read, write and think creatively.  

Creative Writing:  This presentation is all about adjectives, verbs, and place words.  It's about thinking outside the box. Children are encouraged to write words that fill their imaginations with all kinds of possibilities.  


Grade 1 -2: Writing using old favorites: Stories tend to use the same plots over and over. In this presentation we will use the story of Little Red Riding Hood to show how to creatively write your own version of the tale.  Is the wolf really a wolf?  What if grandma lived in the city? 

Grades 3-5 The writing process: Writing and illustrating a book for children. I show the class how to use storyboards to plan their book. Children will, collectively, write a very short story and then plan where the text should be placed and what kind of illustrations would be good for the text. Along the way, we learn about editing, revising and final drafts. 

Photo Journalism: I would be happy to talk to the photo enthusiasts at your school about photography. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. 

Self-Publishing: The ins and outs of publishing alone. 



Isle of Wight County: $50.00 for one or two classroom visits. $100.00 for 3 or more classroom visits. 

Visits within the 757 area code outside of Isle of Wight County: $150.00

Virginia visits outside the 757 area: $300.00 (includes my hotel, travel, and food.) 

Visits outside of Virginia: Let's talk! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Great kindergarten and first-grade books. 

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