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Hide and Seek
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                                 Hide and Seek

Reviewed By:

Amy Louise Hill

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Reviewed By Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite

Hide and Seek with Jazzy: An Alphabet Adventure by Sonja McGiboney is a fun and educational picture book for young children. One day, a dog named Jazzy plays a game of hide and seek. But this isn't just any game of hide and seek; Jazzy is playing with the letters of the alphabet! The letters begin to hide, and Jazzy sets out to find the first letter of the alphabet, the letter A. Jazzy finds the letter A hiding in some apples, whilst the letter B is found next to a ball. With many more letters to find, and even more hiding places to discover, will you join Jazzy in the hunt to find them all? Why not start your own game of hide and seek?

Hide and Seek with Jazzy was enjoyable to read. I loved the concept of using real-life images as this will attract the attention of any young reader, as it did with me. It also helps that Jazzy is cute in every image! The author has chosen vibrant colors to make each letter of the alphabet stand out, and this will help children keep their focus on the learning part of the book. The book has the perfect balance between being both amusing and educational, and will certainly make a good boredom-breaker. There's no limit to the author's creativity in this wonderful book and I can't recommend it enough. Children will love playing with Jazzy and this will stimulate their creativity. I hope to see more of Sonja McGiboney's work soon and wish her all the best.

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Words With Jazzy

Review by Marilyn Panton

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The whole collection of Jazzy books is so wonderful it is difficult to pick one to highlight.  Being an elementary school teacher in my prior life with a passion for teaching children to read I chose "Words with Jazzy."  


This delightful book is a compilation of common words that young children will recognize and that they are familiar with in their everyday lives.  The author uses flashcards with large words that are printed in red.  A creative picture of Jazzy visually enhances the meaning of the word which makes learning the words fun.  Children will love the expressions and antics that Jazzy infuses into the learning process. 


The words were supplied by kindergarten and first-grade students from a Smithfield, Virginia elementary school.  Children will fall in love with Jazzy, a brown and white Boxer-Labrador-Pitbull, and be eager to learn the words that this sweet dog presents.  


This educational book is a wonderful tool to get kids exposed to sight words and to increase their vocabulary skills.  The photography is crisp, bold and beautiful and will hold a child's interest from beginning to end.  I highly recommend "Words with Jazzy" and encourage you to check out the other Jazzy books in the collection also.   Sonja McGiboney crafts each book with specific concepts in mind, yet they can be used creatively for many other learning experiences.    

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 



Words With Jazzy
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