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Other great books
And links to where you can buy them.


Strengthen Hands Educational Resources empowers children to thrive. They offer a unique blend of services and resources for families, educators, and those working to support families and children.  You can find their books on Amazon. 

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Get Back in the Book 
by Larry Issa, USA
When Danny, an aspiring young writer and artist, writes his first book, the characters he created come magically to life and want to explore the world! How can Danny encourage them to return to the pages of his book so that YOU will read about them?

A Yarn About a Tree 

by Kitty McCarthy

Will knitting save the day? Molly and Jake use their skills to try and save a beloved neighborhood landmark.

Clemmy Gets a Family
by Dr. Caroline Crocker
A forlorn and timid bulldog puppy, Clemmy, is adopted by people and gains confidence through their love. ​

Books outside the U.S. 
And links to where you can buy them.

Cody the Dog books
by Simon Creedy, Australia

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