Today Jazzy and I worked on the second page of the sphere shape for the Jazzy Shapes book. I had originally taken the photo indoors, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. I already had too many photos of her staring at the camera. So we took it outside.

If I had a helper, I would have tried to get more of a jumping shot, but without one I was aiming to get her catching the ball. Every time I tried to get a jump shot, she was jumping in the wrong direction. Perhaps I'll go back and do it again with someone else throwing the ball, but for now I like my final image.

The images below are the ones I did not use. To see the final one, you'll have to buy the book.

Here I am again. All these balls and I can't have any of them.

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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Today was a productive day.  I was able to finish four pages for the Jazzy time book.

Here are some of the "reject" photos.

"You want me to do what to the butterflies?"

"I hate waiting."

"Darn, nothing on the bottom."

The only thing that will keep me from eating this shark is ...."Squirrel!"

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Who would have thought this little bundle of joy would set in motion a storm of creativity. Jazzy's photogenic nature, cute disposition and love of food have made writing Jazzy's Books easier than it should be.

Jazzy is now the star of five books: Growing Up Jazzy, Counting Down Jazzy, ABC Jazzy, Jazzy Time and Little Red Jazzyhood. As her popularity grows, so does the work her mama has to do, but that's okay because I love taking her picture.

We are currently working on Jazzy Shapes, Explorer Jazzy and a book about peer pressure that still has no name.

My photography website is not ideal for selling Jazzy books and my Blog, though I am able to embed the Jazzy's Books bookstore into the blog, I don't like having my blog and online sales mixed.

Wix has provided a platform that is easy to use and if I can keep it this way, free to use. We'll see how the future shapes. I might get sweet on some of the business offerings on the paid site like the no commission sales. (Square and Ecwid have been working great, but if I start selling tons of books, those little fees are gonna kill me.)

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