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A new kind of me!

I am an author. It has taken a while for me to actually apply that phrase to myself. I am living an author life now. I sit by the seaside writing my memoirs....NOT.

Okay, so I'm not there. No seasides for me... yet. While I discover what this new me is supposed to do, I continue to write Jazzy's Books. However, I've also started writing chapter/middle grade stories. Imagine, a book without pictures. Unbelievable. Now I'm becoming a "real" writer.

On my author's journey, I've learned many things but more importantly. I've met a lot of great people.

Recently, this great author, me, spoke at a small retreat in Murfreesboro, NC. (You didn't know I was a celebrity until today, did you?) It went well. The authors in the audience of five were very sweet. You can read all about it on Sherri's blog.

It's fascinating to me that there are so many folks out there with stories to tell. And it is in Murfreesboro where I met some wonderful ladies who are telling their stories.

What's your story?

P.S. The picture attached to this post has nothing to do with the retreat, but it's cute.

Baby Jazzy, the puppy that started my new career.


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