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Ack! I am the WORST Editor

If you managed to purchase a Jazzy Colors recently from Amazon, you have just purchased a soon-to-be, or someday-to-be, limited copy with a print error. Grrr... No matter how much you can look at things, sometimes you can't see the snake that's lying on the page.

Until it bites you. Like after you order a few copies and find it. No use blaming Amazon. It was all my doing.

I should learn from this. It was late at night, I was tired of fiddling with it to get the settings just right and I wanted it done.

If you paint a bench you have to wait for the paint to dry. So it is with publishing. If you write a book, if you make changes, then give the manuscript a day to dry so you can look at it again without getting paint on your fingers.


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