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Candy Train




Brightly upon

The tree top. Branches full

Of glittering balls and flashing lights

Tinsel hanging like melting icicles, glimmering

With the shiny lights. Around the tree a toy train speeds

through tunnels and into a miniature North Pole. Santa is in his sled

Pulled by eight tiny reindeer. A clock tower telling time. A little boy stops the train.

“All aboard!” the boy shouts. He puts jelly beans into the open box car and starts the train.

Around it goes again. The train stops and the boy pulls out one piece of candy. He yells to Santa

“Thanks for the treat!” The train goes around again. The clock is still telling time. Nine more minutes. Only nine pieces of candy.

The train loops again.

Eight pieces.

Around again.

Until one left.


Time for presents.

Susanna Hill’s 9th Annual Holiday Contest is under way. The test is to write a treat oriented story in 250 words or less for children 12 and under. I hope you enjoyed my entry.

You can find all the other stories on her blog. Follow the links in the comments.


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