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Colorado, A Lovely Place to Visit

This past weekend Dale and I went to Colorado to see a wedding. Our trip started in Denver on Friday morning. Our hosts, the bride's parents, took us out to Red Rocks Amphitheater where we were awed by the views and the, obviously, red rocks.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheatre built into a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado, 10 miles (16 km) west of Denver.
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

After dropping us off at our hotel, Dale and I be-bopped around Denver. My daughter Rachel arrived around midnight, driving a Jaguar which was our ride for the next few days.

Rachel and our Jaguar in Denver

On Saturday, after a wonderful breakfast at Sam's No. 3 diner, Rachel, Dale and I went to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. The "Flat Irons" were beautiful. Since I'm a slow poke and my pace is "click, click, step, repeat" Rachel and Dale left me to wander on my own. I made it to the first Flat Iron and saw a family with little children climbing up the face. They looked fearless. I am content to just watch.

Family rock climbing

Our next adventure was riding scooters around Denver. Denver is so bike friendly, that riding a scooter is quite nice. Cars seem to respect you as long as you are respecting the road. The scooters went rather quickly, according to Rachel. Rachel says the ones in D.C. are really slow.

Saturday night took us out to Lyons, Colorado for a friendly party with the bride, groom, and all the family. I love my friends and was excited to see them all. After reveling for about an hour, we drove home and everyone fell quickly asleep.

Rachel and Mal, the bride

Sunday morning brought more scooting for Dale and myself as Rachel was still sleeping. When she woke, we ate breakfast again at Sam's No. 3 diner. The food was delicious and you get so much of it.

Sam's No. 3 diner

As a church organist, Dale is always interested in seeing how other services are conducted. He chose to visit Trinity United Methodist because of the organ. Behind the 108 pipes in the organ’s facade are an additional 4,167 pipes, making the total number of pipes 4,275. At today’s estimation of over $2,500,000, Roosevelt Opus No. 380 is one of the largest Roosevelt-built organs of the 19th Century still in operation. Unfortunately for us, the church is undergoing some restorations and the organ was not in use. However, the service was still beautiful and we were all impressed with the soloist.

Roosevelt Opus No. 380 Organ

On to the wedding. The bride and groom were beautiful, the guests were all very sweet, the venue, Stone Mountain Lodge, was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. It was a memorable wedding and we spent the night at the Stone Mountain Hotel.

The Wedding

Monday morning brought some sight seeing from the car as we took a leisurely route to the airport. Rachel drove (and the car went vroom, vroom a few times) while I kept my nerves in check taking pictures from the back seat. We had a lovely breakfast at the Colorado Cherry Company, drove into the Rockies, turned around when we realize the gas was low, and headed to the airport.

The plane ride to Norfolk was quick and uneventful. Dale and I were bumped up to the emergency exit seats which have more leg room and we had three seats to ourselves.

Driving through the Rockies

I took over 3000 photos but narrowed it down to 202. You can view them on my photo website.




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