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Jazzy at the Library

December 12th starting at 9:30 and then again at 10:45, the Smithfield, Virginia Library will feature Jazzy's books in story time. This is an incredible honor for me. I love my Jazzy books, my family loves my Jazzy books and children love my Jazzy books, but having adults want to share my Jazzy books is like getting extra icing on my cake.

My Jazzy books are geared towards younger children and each one is based on a concept. I use photos to illustrate the plot. You can read about each book in the "About The Books" tab on my webpage.

Another great adventure Jazzy and I will be having is writing a book about the Library. Tracy, the librarian at Smithfield Library, is allowing me and Jazzy to visit and create a new book called "Jazzy Explores The Library." Jazzy hears there are bones in the library and goes on a search to find them.

I have just completed Jazzy Shapes and it's now in the editing and finalizing stages before print. Here is the cover.


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