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Jazzy's First Photo Session in Gadsden

"Here we go again. Okay, I'm sitting. Take the picture."
"SQUIRREL! " "Jazzy come back here!"
"It's up in this tree. Look! Up there!"
"Jazzy, I don't see a squirrel." "It's there! Well, maybe it is over there?"
"Wait, is it on the roof of the shed?"
"There it goes! Follow me! Oh, darn, where did it go?"
"Maybe over there?"
"Jazzy, I'd like to get back to the photo session. Can you please get on the porch?" "Fine, I'll get on the porch."
"How's this? Are we done yet?"
"What do you mean you are out of treats? I ain't working for free. Nope, go talk to my agent."



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