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June Drawing Contest

This month’s contest will be a drawing contest. The prompt will be “Hero” Children, ages 3 - 12, should draw an animal, any animal, as a hero. I drew Jazzy above using my computer but you can do it freehand.

But, I won’t let you get away with just the picture; you must name your hero too. Jazzy is now “Wonder Bone Jazzy!” The keeper of all bones and sticks.

Names of all entrants will be placed in a cup and one winner will be chosen. The winner will receive a brand new art set. (A $23.00 value)

You can use any medium you wish. You can use computer-generated drawings as well.

Have someone take a picture with their phone or save it as a jpeg and email it to me at I'll add it to this blog.

1. One entry per drawing. (if you can't upload it then email it to me. and I will for you.)

2. An additional entry if you subscribe to my site (or your parent does for you.)

3. An additional entry if you get a friend to subscribe.

4. An additional entry if you share your picture from my blog post.

The contest ends on July 1st. (since I'll be traveling) On July 2nd I will choose a winner.


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