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Loving Neighbors & Loving Friends

When we moved to Smithfield we moved next to the best people in the world. Justin and Becky, you are always there for us, as you have proven recently. You stopped your life to take Dale to the ER when I was out of town. Becky, your loving voice on the phone kept me calm and your quick response probably saved Jazzy's life.

Add to that our loving pet sitters, Kathie and Kurt from 4peaceofmindpetcare who came out to help Becky at the house with injured Jazzy and to keep Evie company until late at night while Jazzy went to the ER. You went above and beyond what a pet sitter needs to do.

Evie has returned to Atlanta and Jazzy has recovered enough that she's barking at the mailman and trying to chase squirrels. She's not a fan of the cone around her head, but it does keep her from licking herself too much. (So she tries licking me instead.)

The incident is past and everyone is recovering but I will always remember the kindness shown to us by loving neighbors and friends.


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