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My Journey Has Begun.

Saturday I participated in my first book fair. I sold a few books, but more importantly, I learned a few things.

I learned that my display with all the pictures of Jazzy, though really cute, lent the impression that my books were about Pit bulls.

My books are about concepts: Time, the Alphabet, Counting backwards, Months, Exploring, Friendship/bullying, and shapes. Now all I have to do is revamp my presentation to show this.

Thanks to the wonderful authors at the book fair for sharing their insights as well. Our books were about different topics but written with passion.

These are the authors and links to their books:

Shawnee Walker - Milo Series

VaLerie Irene - Raffi and Friends

Christopher McGhee - PJ The Purple Penguin

David Engel - Unika Collection & The Color of Love


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