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The summer reading program kicked off with the theme, "Oceans of Possibilities!" Fish, octopi, and pirates suddenly appeared. Books with pirates lined the stacks. Any book that had sea creatures was pulled off the shelf for children to see.

This coincided with my floundering (get the pun) around for a new Jazzy book. I decided that Jazzy would become a pirate. But now what? I can easily dress her like one and get some fun pictures. I can make a ship for her to sail in. What I am having trouble with is finding the words, and the idea, for the book.

I need your help. Shall I go with, "Jazzy Explores the Seven Seas?" (that might be hard to pull off because we can't literally visit the seven seas.) "Jazzy Finds the Treasure" (maybe bury a bone somewhere or she has to do certain tasks, like helping an old lady cross the street or bringing in the newspaper.) "Jazzy and the Treasure Map" (Jazzy finds a map to a treasure but at each corner, she gets a new clue and has to do some daring deed.) What about "Jazzy Escapes the Boredom!" (a book filled with craft ideas or game ideas?)

In the meantime, while I wait for the creative juices to flow, I am working on my Non-Jazzy book about the Water Cycle. Check out the video of it below. It's still a work in progress and if you have comments, I'd appreciate them. As for the Water Cycle, I know there are reports of anywhere from 3 to 5 stages, but I only included 4.


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