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I am a poet. My lines of choice usually rhyme. Stretching my words to become more than a simple verse is a challenge. For this April, which is National Poetry Month, I am challenging myself to write more meaningful, beautiful, emotional words. For isn't that what poetry is?

Here is a poem about dogs.

Puppy cuteness overwhelms.

Their sweet breath warms as they lick your face, your fingers, your toes.

Ouch! Don't forget the sharp teeth.

They grow and learn. Like children, they test their boundaries.

A give-and-take relationship that always ends with wet kisses.

Their tails wag when they say good morning.

Hips wiggle along with the tail as they say hello at the door.

Got food? Their whole body shakes in expectation.

Whisper their name when they are asleep and watch their tail move ever so slightly.

That tail is the friend-o-meter, food-o-meter, play-o-meter.

Look into their eyes.

The expressive turn of sadness, fun, guilt, shame, and pleading.

"Please, just one more treat?" "Please, don't put me in the kennel?"

"Please don't go!"

They don't even have to bark when they look at you.

But, they love the sound of their voice.

They bark at the squirrels that run above them.

They bark at the cars that zip by, "Stop, play with me."

They bark at the door when visitors come.

There will always be something. They wallow in the mud. They steal your food.

But we always forgive them because they snuggle.

We always forgive them because they always love us no matter what we do.

They forgive our absence. They forgive our tempers. They forgive our forgetfulness.

Somehow they know when we are sad and snuggle more.

We love our dogs!

Our dogs love us more!


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