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Scavenger Hunt

I love teaching what I know about photography. This has led me to have a relationship with a local 6th grade, photo journalism class. Their most recent assignment, which I was asked to judge, is a photo scavenger hunt.

Normally, a photo scavenger hunt is a list of things, but this time, the list is not quite so easy. The list includes the words secret, hope and lost. So we aren't just portraying an object, we are portraying a feeling or motion.

Naturally, I used Jazzy in many of the shots. I have five more to go, but wanted to share what I do have with you. Can you match which photo goes with which set of words?

design, three feet, secret, collection, skip, holding on, beyond reach, at the shore, exit, left behind, lines, a closer look, wonder, on its own, at the crossroads, out of place, texture, hope, now and then, lost.


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