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Summertime Challenge - Win Prizes

Jazzy's new book, Counting with Jazzy, is about to be published. In the making of the book, I've acquired a pumpkin, two peacocks, three pigs (well two since Jazzy ate one), four dolls, five chicks, seven penguins and eight dragons. I still have a few other stuffed animals from her Twelve Days of Christmas. One could say I have a surplus of stuffed animals and nobody to give them to.

That's when it hit me, I could use them as prizes. So, for every child that completes the challenges listed in Jazzy's Guide to Summertime Fun, I will send a stuffed animal.

Here are the rules.

  1. Please print off a copy of the list of items to complete and check them off as they are completed.

  2. I will need photo evidence of each deed or, in the case of the writing, I'll need a copy of the story. You can combine different tasks in the same photo. (Like a picture of a muffin they made next to their leaf collection.)

  3. You are allowed to be creative. If you cannot visit a zoo, you can color pictures of different animals and hold them up like you are visiting them. I want to inspire creative thinking.

  4. For books they've read, I'll need the names of the books.

And.... GO... You have from now until my birthday on August 12, to complete them.


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