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What makes you think of the past?

I was at the beach last week taking photos for the bike portion of a triathlon. I get to take pictures of people who are fulfilling dreams, goals, or just personal bests. After the race is over, I have the rest of the day to tootle around.

I decided to become the writer on the beach. But since my laptop battery was already drained, I couldn't bring it to the sand. I'm not sure I'd be able to read my writing later if I did it the old fashioned way (that is with pen and paper for you young folks.) I elected to stay in the cute little cottage and work. Dinner time rolled around and one of the other photographers was interested in burgers, so we ate some yummy burgers at a place around mile marker 9. (In case you don't know, many people know where things are by the mile marker. I never paid attention to them before going to the Outer Banks.)

After dinner I left my thoughts and computer and took my camera to the beach. It was a lovely, cool evening and there were families walking around, kids playing in the waves as they crashed ashore. Nobody was swimming, as I believe there was a bacteria warning in effect.

Every now and then I take a few photos that evoke a memory. I was playing with shutter speed. From 1/10 of a second to 3.2 seconds makes a big difference in the look of the waves and people.

These images aren't special because they are "great" but they make me think of the past. Memories of me and the kids by the water come first. Then I am filled with memories of loneliness, peace, sadness and sunshine. The waves evoke an emotional memory, each one special, each one personal, yet beautiful in their awakening.


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